• Svetlana Shkolnikova

Intricately decorated eggs a gesture of love at Easter

Updated: Jan 10, 2018

It takes patience to find the perfect egg.

A flawless one must have no cracks or fractures, and it must be opaque, blocking any light that is held up to it.

Only then can it serve as an ideal canvas for a pysanka ― a Ukrainian Easter egg intricately decorated in a folk-art style that predates Easter and Christianity itself.

Natalie Warchola, a Clifton, N.J.-based pysankar, inspected four cartons before finding a model egg to show an introductory pysanka class at her studio earlier this month.

"This is the result of a natural diet," she said, cradling a light blue chicken egg in her palm and pressing a small flashlight against it. "No light shines through this egg. This is a perfect egg.”

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