• Svetlana Shkolnikova

Girls form hockey club, look toward first high school team

An hour into their two-hour practice at the Mackay Park ice rink, three members of the city high school’s new girls’ ice hockey club took a break.

“I feel like Bambi in that one scene where he’s on a frozen lake and can’t walk,” Dekyi Tsotsong said, clutching her left leg. “My feet hurt so bad.”

These are growing pains.

Tsotsong is one of 11 sophomores from the Academies@Englewood program at Dwight Morrow High School and the school itself attempting to build their burgeoning club into a full-fledged high school team.

They are four months into the endeavor.

Their determined leader is Sarah Yang, a 16-year-old former figure skater who tried hockey several years ago and fell in love.

“I really love the teamwork that goes into it,” Yang said. “It’s really a sport of bonding.”

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