• Svetlana Shkolnikova

Arab-American woman blazes path with police in Paterson

Updated: Jan 10, 2018

Huda Shalabi cracked her first case at just 10 years old. 

A marble cutting machine had been stolen from her family’s backyard, and police, citing a lack of witnesses and video footage, could not help. 

So Shalabi thought she’d try. She remembered where the machine was last seen and that her father had been cutting red marble slabs with it the day before. 

When she returned to the spot, Shalabi noticed the machine had left behind a pink residue trail. She followed it through the backyard, through the driveway, up the street and, finally, to the perpetrator’s house. 

Officers who were called to the scene were shocked, Shalabi recalled. 

“One of them told me, ‘You can be a detective, a cop, with a great mind like that,’” she said. 

Now 20, Shalabi is well on her way. 

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